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Cooley's Latest Commercial Will Either Be Awesome Or Terrible

Chris Cooley is the rare athlete who can excel on the field and still be entertaining off of it. His ability to excel in both areas make him a great endorser for just about anything. In case you forgot about his ability to sell, take a little trip down memory lane:

Do you think Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez could sell that commercial that well? Yeah, me neither. That said, I'm not sold on the latest commercial idea, as reported by Grant Paulsen.

Chris Cooley was filming some kind of a commercial for Gillette's newest razor after today's practice. He shaved while being interviewed by several reporters, still outdoors after a lengthy practice. It couldn't have felt good.

Yeah, I don't see how a tired, sweaty man grimacing in pain as he shaves in front of reporters will make for a good commercial, but I'm willing to give it a chance. Then again, any Gilette commercial that doesn't bring up Tiger Woods is probably a good thing for the company at this point.