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Adam Dunn Will Remain A National

The 4:00 trade deadline has come and gone, and Adam Dunn is still a National.

According to Bill Ladson of, Dunn emerged from the training room at 4:05 PM, put on his uniform, and headed back to work.

"I am happy that I'm still here. I don't know if a deal will get done, but I'm sure we will continue to work on it," Dunn said.  

The slugger was rumored to be on his way to the Chicago White Sox as late as yesterday, and several other teams over the past few weeks, but Mike Rizzo and the Nationals were not able to get enough in return. According to Ben Goessling of MASN, Jim Riggleman seems thrilled to have Dunn on the team, and he will be in the lineup tonight.

"... I think everybody's happy with the way it's turned out. I know Mike is very happy with what Adam does for us. He would've had to have been very overwhelmed with something to get him to move a guy like Adam Dunn, and obviously that didn't happen."

If Rizzo and the Nationals are unable to finalize a new contract with Adam Dunn, they will be compensated with two first round draft picks next season.

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