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Report: Mike Miller Talks With Clippers

Apparently the Lakers aren't the only team in Los Angeles interested in signing Mike Miller.

According to ESPN LA, Miller and Clipper executives had a three hour meeting on Saturday about Miller joining the Clippers. Nothing came of the meeting just yet, but the Clippers' GM thinks the meeting was productive:

No offer was made, according to general manager Neil Olshey, but a "conceptual framework" was discussed and both sides are said to be very interested in each other.

"The meeting with LeBron went really well, but this is like the recruiting period in college," Olshey said. "You don't just recruit one guy. The players are doing the same thing. They understand what's going on. Mike wants to be patient right now too.

Somehow, I get the feeling Mike Miller is a slightly more realistic possibility for the Clippers in free agency than LeBron James, but we'll see what happens.