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Nyjer Morgan Rubs Off On The Potomac Nationals

For all the talk about Stephen Strasburg, there's another young Nationals pitcher that we all should notice: Jordan Zimmermann. Zimmermann, the Nationals' second-round pick in the 2007 draft, is trying to recover from Tommy John Surgery and is currently rehabbing for the Potomac Nationals in Single A. 

But honestly, I'm not too interested in how Zimmermann actually pitched. As long as he didn't get hurt, I'm happy. No, I'm more interested in seeing whether the Potomac Nationals are taking on the culture of their big league team, and on that note, I'm happy.

Why? Because clearly, they've picked up a few tips from Nyjer Morgan/Tony Plush about how to properly celebrate a good play. Below the jump, check out the eerie similarity in these pictures, via Miss Chatter