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Vincent Jackson Provides Hope For Young Redskins Wide Receivers

At this point, it appears the Chargers aren't actually interested in trading star wide receiver Vincent Jackson, according to Adam Schefter. That's too bad for any Redskins fan that had dream of him reeling in some of Donovan McNabb's patented deep balls. 


But that was today's news. Over the weekend, when there still appeared to be a chance Jackson was on the move, SB Nation's Redskins blog Hogs Haven took a close look at his production and career arc. During that analysis, a funny thing was discovered: Jackson's early-career numbers are actually fairly similar to Malcolm Kelly's and Devin Thomas'. So, yeah, maybe there's some hope that those guys will turn it around after all.


(Or maybe it's July, when we're obligated to be overly optimistic about the Redskins. Either one).