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Joey Votto 'Narowly' Leads Ryan Zimmerman In All-Star Fan Vote

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In theory, Ryan Zimmerman still has an opportunity to make the all-star team. As you know, he is one of the final five players whom fans can vote onto the all-star team. In reality, he doesn't stand much of a chance. That's because one of the other four players in that vote is Cincinatti's Joey Votto, widely considered the biggest all-star snub. Early voting returns only confirm what we already suspected, via

Votto jumped out of the gate fastest in the National League and is narrowly ahead of Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman; Braves closer Billy Wagner; Rockies left fielder Carlos Gonzalez; and Padres closer Heath Bell.

At least the lead, up to this point, can only be described as "narrow." But as more people around the country learn about the until now relatively obscure Joey Votto, I expect that margin to grow. There is always some sympathy around the "biggest snub," and generally, the best players are the ones who make the team. Looking at Votto's numbers, its hard to complain.

There is always the chance Zimmerman makes it as an injury replacement though. He and Votto are the only infielders among the final five, so Zim is the logical replacement for any infield position other than first base.