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Mike Miller Hangs Out At LeBron James' Camp, Could Sign With Cavaliers

You can add the Cleveland Cavaliers to the ever-growing list of suitors for Mike Miller. According to ESPN's J.A. Adande, the Cavaliers will consider Miller for the mid-level exception if they keep LeBron James.

That would include the Cavaliers if LeBron returns. Not only is Miller tight with James; he's also friends with Antawn Jamison, who was traded to Cleveland by the Wizards last season in the post-Gilbert's Guns breakup of the team. Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant put in a call to Miller at the onset of the free agency period, and Cleveland remains a viable option for him.     

Miller is spending the week hanging out with James at James' Nike Skills Academy camp, so it's not a surprise to hear about this now, even if the Cavaliers have always been interested. 

Michael Lee of the Washington Post fills in more details, especially with regard to Miller's relationship with Jamison. Clearly, the Cavaliers are only interested if LeBron James stays, but if he does, Miller's a pretty good fit alongside him.