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Nationals Partnering With Rangers To Get Ryan Zimmerman, Michael Young Into All-Star Game

Just how badly do the Nationals want to get Ryan Zimmerman into the All-Star Game? They've decided to partner with the Texas Rangers in some sort of cross-marketing campaign that'll ask people to vote both Zimmerman and Rangers star Michael Young in the 2010 All-Star Final Vote.

The team sent out a press release explaining how it will work:

The Nationals and Rangers will promote the "Third Base Ticket" during games at each ballpark (the Rangers host the Cleveland Indians on Tuesday and Wednesday nights), on their television and radio broadcasts, and on-line until Thursday's deadline. The on-line All-Star Game Final Vote ballot on both and  will be titled "Saving the Best for Last" since both players are fifth alphabetically among the five final vote candidates in each league.

In addition, both Zimmerman and Young have taped spots that will run on the video boards at Nationals Park and Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to encourage voting for each other.

The Nationals and Rangers aren't the only teams coming together, as the Red Sox and Reds have also partnered to campaign for Joey Votto and Kevin Youkilis. 

So it's come to this, huh? I guess it was inevitable as soon as the Final Vote thing started a few years back.