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Why Jeff Schultz Is A Bargain For His New Contract

The reaction to Jeff Schultz's new four-year contract has been overwhelmingly positive, mostly because pretty much everyone feels the Capitals got a real bargain. Schultz will make $2.5 million in the first two years and $3 million in the final two years, according to Tarik El-Bashir. 

That doesn't sound like much, and it isn't. How do I know? Because according to CapsGeek, Schultz's deal is for less money annually than the average defenseman's salary for 11 NHL franchises. As the link notes, the average salary for the defensemen on the Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, Rangers, Red Wings, Flyers, Bruins, Penguins, Thrashers, Canadiens, Canucks and Blues is over $2.75 million.  

Schultz is way above average, so you can see why many feel the Capitals got a bargain.