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Report: White Sox 'All Over' Adam Dunn

As the Nationals fall further and further out of contention, the likelihood that they will trade one (or more) of their big name players increases. The biggest name (take that as you will) we could potentially see traded is Adam Dunn.

We've heard that a lot of teams have interest in Dunn, most frequently the Chicago White Sox. On Wednesday, ESPN's Buster Olney added to the speculation that Dunn might be moving to the south side of Chicago. 

One rival executive says the White Sox "are all over Adam Dunn" right now. He would be perfect for what the White Sox need.

Nobody (no, not even uber-insiders like Buster) knows what is going to happen before the July 31st deadline. Even reports like this one don't confirm that the Nationals are ready to move Dunn, just that the White Sox want him. However, as more and more reports emerge about Dunn's availability and other teams' interest in him, it becomes more likely that Nationals are in fact considering moving one of their biggest bats.