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Report: Stephen Strasburg Could Be Shut Down Before End Of September

According to Ben Goessling, the Nationals plan on altering Stephen Strasburg's pitching schedule - currently once every five days - following the All-Star break. The plan might even involve shutting the rookie phenom down before the season ends.

The latest evidence of that came on Wednesday, when manager Jim Riggleman hinted that the Nationals, instead of having Strasburg pitch all the way through September like they'd originally planned, will now keep him on a regular schedule and shut him down in early September when he hits his innings limit for the season.

The Nationals had initially planned to keep Strasburg going through the season's final month, but are shying away from that now as it become apparent how difficult it would be to put Strasburg on an irregular schedule and balance out the rest of their rotation.

Strasburg's innings limit for the season, which includes his time in the minor leagues, is around 160. Following his final pre-All-Star break start against the Giants on Friday, he will have about 60 innings left until he reaches the limit.

Right now, his healthy development is the number one priority for the team.

"We're less concerned right now about him pitching all the way through September," manager Jim Riggleman said.