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Morning Commute: Home Run Heroics

Everything you need to know about D.C. Sports in one place.

If chicks dig the long ball, then the last few nights at Nationals' Park have been ladies' night. Ryan Zimmerman brought the house down with his walk-off home run on Tuesday, only to be immediately one-upped by Adam Dunn and his three home runs Wednesday.

I hate to rain on the home run parade, but if the Nationals want to win consistently, they will need to do a lot more than just hit the long ball. Zimmerman's walk-off Tuesday, and three of the four home runs hit Wednesday (Ian Desmond had the fourth) were of the solo variety. As exciting as those home runs are, they are only good for one run. The Nationals actually got out-hit by the Padres last night 13-9, but were able to salvage the win with a few big shots.

Like in basketball, you can try to live by the three-pointer, but you have to be ready to die by it to. If for some reason the Nationals suddenly stop swinging the big bat, their offense will disappear entirely. Home runs are fun for a little while, but the Nationals need to hit more consistently to win games.

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