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Reminder To NBA Fans: Wizards Fans Were The First To Hate LeBron James

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I think it's become pretty clear that many NBA fans and writers have come to the conclusion that LeBron James is an egotistical jerk. I could prove this point by linking to some articles written by some important writers that say this, or you could just take my word for it. Since the day is young and there are too many links to note, you'll just have to take my word for it.

All I'll say, then, is this: we told you so. Dan Steinberg has most of the details as to why here, but below the jump, a quick sampling of some Bullets Forever threads from over the years, just so nobody can point at us and say we were wrong.

First of all, if you're looking for real venom, check out these two threads. A sampling of comments:

God you hit that nail on the head with the powder thing

How can he make that "his thing" when he just stole it from KG? Whenever I see it I picture all the people working at that front table getting chalk all over all their papers and equipment.

Let's not forget:

  • The Xmas day uniform switch
    The dunk tape confiscation
    Stiffing the wait staff
    Suggesting that if he was going to give up MJ's number everyone should have to
    "if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good"
    He is a Yankees fan and a Cowboys fan

Do I need to go on?

by MR on Feb 23, 2010 11:35 AM EST up actions   7 recs

I was going to submit my reasons for hating LeBron

But oh my god, my lip is bleeding!!

by disgrunted on Feb 23, 2010 11:20 AM EST actions   10 recs


You're ALL bastards

I guess I'm late to the party. Everytime I started to type something, I found someone else already said it.

OK, how about this. He got a $50,000 car loan based on FUTURE EARNINGS. Was there ever any doubt he would live as far outside of reality as possible?

by CJHutch on Feb 23, 2010 3:04 PM EST actions   3 recs

And then there was LeBron's Jesus campaign.

I don't know of any other athlete (or professional wrestler, for that matter) who ever had an ad campaign comparing him to a religious figure. The dumb "King James" references; the huge banners outside the Cavs' arena showing LeBron with his arms outstretched in his best Jesus-on-the-cross pose, looking upward at a heavenly light; the "Witness" t-shirts. But why stop there? Why not incorporate biblical references in the pregame videos? "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no opponent; and I will slash to the hoop for the and-one"; "The ball is my shepherd, I shall take it to the rack."; blah blah blah.

by satchmore on Feb 24, 2010 10:59 AM EST actions   3 recs

Put it this way.

LeBron made me stop hating Kobe.

I used to really hate Kobe. The arrogance, the MJ wannabe, chasing Shaq away. Now I don't really mind. I can accept the arrogance - but at least Kobe was never a baby. (Well, kinda with Shaq at the end there.)

The Washington Wizards: providing career scoring nights for unknown opposing bench players since 2004.

by mamemimo on Feb 24, 2010 2:45 PM EST actions   1 recs

Lebron tanked to give himself an out

Yeah, he made some good plays, but he also made a lot of really questionable and lazy plays, which is something he doesn't usually do. In college, when a star does something like that that you wonder about point shaving. In this case, I wonder if he threw this series to give himself the perfect excuse to bail for a major market team and really maximize his diva-ness.

by steadyhand on May 13, 2010 11:58 PM EDT actions  

But that's all recent. Here are some blasts from the past:

Poor LeBron James (April 8, 2008):

It's bad enough when LeBaby pouts every time he barrels over defenders in the lane and the referee actually has the gall to call a charge, but this latest quote from him really takes the cake:

"I know every team has injuries, but no team has had the injuries that we've had this year," James said. "We don't want to be an excuse team, because we've never been that."

You know LeBron, you're right.  No team has had the injuries that your team has had.  Unless, of course, you're the Miami Heat, or (dare I say it) the Washington Wizards?  Not that you want to be an excuse team, even though you're clearly making excuses.


C'mon... admit it... you're thrilled as hell we don't have to endure anymore LeBron this season.

I'm not ashamed. I hate LeBron. Not his skill set, which is beyond dominant, but the LeBron experience. I was giggling like a school kid when he was begging to be bailed out with a foul call when he airballed that 6 footer from the baseline. I loved that Pierce outhustled him for the ball after the tip. I laughed out freakin loud when he missed that first of two free throws.

"So you're saying there is justice in this world" (January 5, 2009)

My first reaction to the referee's travel call on LeBron James was to turn to my brother and my cousin, give awkward high-fives and annoying repeat the phrase "They called a travel!"  Partially because I couldn't believe it, partially because I wanted to rile up the Cleveland fans in front of me (okay, mostly the first one).      

"Is the LeBron Star Treatment Getting Too Obvious?" (May 9, 2009)

If LeBron does not get called for the occasional 4-step travel.... or at least one of the 4 or 5 hacks he has each game - - - -  If he is allowed to get away with lowering his shoulder into the opponent's chest to be awarded a blocking foul every time - The National Basketball Association may as well start calling themselves the World Wide Federation (WWF) of Basketball and script the games.

Come on David (Stern), you're making it too obvious!

"Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Number 23" (May 31, 2009)

You're being too hard on LeBron

It's not like players in other sports congratulate the winners after the competition is over. Except for football. And hockey, tennis, soccer, boxing, every Olympic sport, ....

When other players congratulate LeBron after he has beat them, LeBron views that as a sucker's move for softies who aren't as competitive as he is. And Isiah Thomas is.

by disgrunted on May 31, 2009 9:34 PM EDT up actions  

And then there's this, from yesterday.

First we hear that His Highness will do a grand tour of all the cities with enough money to sign him - and along the way, they will be filming a documentary. Then there's this huge negative backlash, and all of a sudden - "There was never any tour planned".... ... Hmmmm, right.

Then, out of the blue, His Highness has a new twitter account and a new web site. (Don't ask me what they are, I don't care, and I won't be following him)... Seems kinda strange to be in the League 7 years - but during the very summer he becomes a Free Agent, NOW he wants to be more "connected" with his fans...... Hmmmm, right.

LeBron held court in Cleveland for three days, while Management teams from six different NBA basketball clubs arrived to kiss his feet, show him cartoons, and say "Yes, your Highness".... and "No, your Highness".. Meanwhile, the whole time teasing the fans from three cities into thinking they could actually land the best basketball player on the planet - and thereby possibly, a championship for their beloved team.     

Point is: we were first, we were right, and we want you to know about it.