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Javale McGee's Summer Video Blog Starts Off Kind Of Slow

Wizards' center Javale McGee will be doing a video blog about his upcoming mini camp and summer league experiences. Here's the first entry, which chronicles Javale's return to Washington for the mini camp starting Thursday night. 

It looks like Javale's experience at the airport is just like yours or mine. I wanted to see first class accommodations, champagne and a T-bone the size of a boogie board, but no dice. Turns out Javale is just a regular guy, which is both refreshing and kind of a bummer at the same time. Highlights and critique of Javale's cinematic acumen after the jump.

(00:19) - Im pretty sure Javale wanted to just get a medium size fries from Burger King, but when he saw the large featured an ad for the new Twilight flick, he just couldn't resist. If there's one thing we know about Javale, it's that he is an undying twi-hard. (not sure, but I think accusing someone of being a Twilight fan is libel. We're kidding Javale, don't sue!)

(00:45) - Extreme close-up of the funyons. Javale tells us what he picked without showing him grab it. Excellent job of building the narrative without being too obvious. That's Movies 101. 

(1:13) - "Hey, I found a bag of peanuts in the back of this overhead bin! How come nobody else found this?" Height certainly does have its advantages.

(1:38) - Landing in D.C. at 9:00. This has nothing to do with Javale, but look how bright it still is out. Crazy summer we've been having weather-wise.

(1:46) - People mover is broken. Those long legs are about to come in handy.

(2:06) - I didn't know the guys with the suits and the little signs actually existed. This is the only time in the video Javale sets himself apart from the rest of us. Despite what the coach seat might have led you to believe, he is actually a professional basketball player making some serious bank.

(2:49) - I can't be sure, but that looks like the driver toting Javale's bags around. You're a big strong guy Javale, you could have probably done that yourself. I hope you at least left him a big tip.

(3:00) - Hey! I totally recognize that place! Javale returns to the Verizon Center to get a late night work out in, which is always nice to see.

Ok, so it wasn't the most exciting video ever made. Hopefully the series will pick up when Javale actually hits the court. Because lets be honest, we're watching to see that first alley-oop from John Wall.