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Report: Miami Heat Extend Five Year Offer To Mike Miller

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Mike Miller is the latest name to be included in the Miami Heat free agent extravaganza. Jeff Goodman is now reporting that the Heat have offered Mike Miller a five year contract worth somewhere between $27-30 million.

You may be saying to yourself, "I thought that LeBron guy was thinking about going to Miami? How can they afford to sign both?" Well, they can't, really.

As our very own Mike Prada explains over at, the contract offer can mean one of two things. Either the big three free agents (James, along with Wade and Bosh) would each take a little bit less money so that the team could still have some cap space to sign Miller (only a couple million each, no big deal). Or, more realistically, the contract offer to Miller is being made in case LeBron decides to sign elsewhere.

If LeBron chooses to go elsehwere, then Miller would be a very good fit as a three point threat in between Wade and Bosh. Not as good as LeBron would have been, but pretty good none the less.