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Morning Commute: Further Validation For The Wizards' Slow Approach

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As of right now, the Wizards' division includes the Miami Heat superteam, the Orlando Magic, who were arguably the best team in the East until their loss to Boston, and the Atlanta Hawks, who return pretty much everyone from their 53-win team last year. Granted, divisions don't really mean much in basketball, so this may all be irrelevant.

But still - this has to validate the team's build-slowly approach, right? In the short term, there's no way the Wizards could compete in their division. It's too tough. The worst thing, then, would have been to panic and sign a guy like Amare Stoudemire, who is a good player, but would kill all future salary-cap flexibility for a team that has a limited upside. Even with Amare, the Wizards are probably no better than third in the Southeast Division, so why bother? It's far better to keep the powder dry and make a run during John Wall's prime.

That doesn't mean the execution of this plan has been perfect. It hasn't. But the plan itself is genius.

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