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Albert Haynesworth Skips Out On Conditioning Test Due To Knee Troubles

For the fourth day in a row, Albert Haynesworth will not be practicing with his teammates, and for the second day in a row, it will be due to swelling in his knee.

Jason Reid reports that Haynesworth is hoping to be ready to take his conditioning test again on Monday.

Though Haynesworth is not taking the field with his teammates, he's still doing what he can to reduce his learning curve with the 3-4 defense. Joseph White has details on how Haynesworth has tried to learn about the defense:

After Sunday's practice was over, Haynesworth emerged for what has become a daily ritual. He spent about 15 minutes walking through plays with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and defensive line coach Jacob Burney, learning the nuances of the team's new 3-4 defense.

According to Reid, Haynesworth is learning most of those nuances at right end, rather than nose tackle. If nothing else, both Haynesworth and the coaching staff appear to be willing to make some concessions in order to make things work. Hopefully Haynesworth's knee can get with the program soon.

The best case scenario at this point would be for Albert to pass his conditioning test on Monday and begin the process of getting a true feel for what goes being a part of the 3-4 defense. But given the delays and complications that have marred training camp -- and if we're being honest, the off-season as a whole, -- I wouldn't count on it happening soon.