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Morning Commute: Can The Nationals Honor Frank Robinson Already?

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Tonight, the Nationals will honor Andre Dawson and unveil a special three-layered "Ring of Honor" that will note players from the Expos, Senators and Homestead Grays. It's a very nice gesture, though I will say my thoughts mirror Chris Needham's on the matter.

The only problem? There's a key name missing: Frank Robinson, the Nationals' first manager and one of the best baseball players of all time. He's certainly not the only big name missing from the list (Frank Howard, anyone?), but considering his relevancy to the current edition of the franchise, it seems odd not to honor him in some way.

As Nationals Enquirer writes:

So the Washington Nationals will roll out the red carpet for Andre Dawson tonight at Nationals Park. Yes, like Stan Kasten said: Great player. Great career. Yet baseball fans in Washington D.C. are still waiting to mark Frank Robinson Day on our calendars. Something doesn't add up.    


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On tap at SB Nation D.C.: Big day today. First, as linked above, Chris Needham writes about the Nationals' need to honor their D.C. heritage before their Expos heritage. Kyle Weidie returns this week with a column on Steve Francis, and Brian Murphy will suggest two new Redskins jerseys you should have this year.