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Stephen Strasburg To Return To Mound, Nationals Expected To Take 'Cautious' Approach

Stephen Strasburg's short stint on the disabled list will officially end Tuesday night when he takes the hill against the Florida Marlins. He is no longer in any sort of pain and has passed every test leading up to today. But that doesn't mean the Nationals will stop keeping a close eye on him.

Via MASN's Ben Goessling:

Everything has checked out fine with his right shoulder; Strasburg has thrown a bullpen session and a simulated game without pain, and the Nationals say he wouldn't be on the mound at all if he was hurting.

Nonetheless, expect a cautious approach with the rookie tonight.

His health and his mechanics, both non-issues before July 27, have come under close scrutiny since then. The Nationals have so far responded to the high stakes of Strasburg's development with a conservative approach, and that's not likely to change tonight. If the Nationals have a lead after five innings, it wouldn't be surprising to see manager Jim Riggleman take him out there.

Basically, if you're going to tonight's game (and there are tickets available), don't be too upset if Strasburg is pulled early on.