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PHOTOS: Nationals Wearing Expos Hats During Batting Practice

No hypothetical today - we'll resume tomorrow.

In honor of the Nationals ... well ... honoring Andre Dawson and the rest of the great players from their "past" (that being the Expos, Senators and Homestead Grays), the Nationals took to the field today wearing ... Expos gear.

That's right: Expos gear. So does this mean this is your chance to experience Stephen Strasburg donning the famous tricolour during a real game?

Well, not exactly. Via Federal Baseball:

Washington Nationals wearing Montreal Expos caps in BP. Reports are that the Nationals are only wearing these in BP, but thought you'd all like to see the tricoleur in all its brilliance...    

It's a nice touch regardless. Below the jump, a picture of John McLaren in an Expos cap, via Bill Ladson: