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Morning Commute: The Stephen Strasburg/Nationals Buzz Has Worn Off

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In the interest of making myself look dumb, here's something I wrote about the Nationals a while back that clearly didn't turn out as I thought.

We all know how this town works. Unless you're the Redskins, the size of your fanbase depends on how much you're winning and how much buzz you generate. So with that said, let me throw out this prediction. Assuming they become a winning club, the Nationals will be the next team to capture the city. 

Well, they aren't winning, so that I guess absolves me a bit. But still, I never thought there'd be a day this year where the stadium wouldn't sell out for a Stephen Strasburg start. This also just wasn't any Strasburg start; it was his first start since his DL stint and it was on a day when the famed "Ring of Honor" was unveiled. Clearly, the buzz has faded, as Adam Kilgore noted:

Only 25,939 at #Nats Park for #Strasburg. 27,037 came the last time he faced the #Marlins -- and that was IN FLORIDA. The thrill gone?    

I guess the city has already moved on to the Redskins. Oh well. That was fun while it lasted.

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