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Stephen Strasburg Has A New Workout Routine

After experiencing his first stint on the disabled list and getting shelled in his first start coming off it, Stephen Strasburg has realized he might need to change his routine between games. At least that's what he said to reporters prior to last night's Nationals game.

Via Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post:

Strasburg said he began a new "program" between starts after going on the disabled list with inflammation in his back shoulder. "I'm definitely taking a more professional approach to how to take care of my body and my arm," Strasburg said. "It's a lot longer season. I just switched things up a little bit, targeting certain areas, really trying to work on the flexibility."    

Head Athletic Trainer Lee Kuntz elaborated by saying the team is merely focusing more of his exercises on the back of his shoulder, the area that caused Strasburg to go on the disabled list in the first place. We'll see whether that change affects Strasburg's health going forward, but it's nice to see he's at least considering changing the way he prepares for games now that he's firmly entrenched in the Majors.