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Morning Commute: Your Reminder That The Redskins Have A Lot Of New Pieces

Everything you need to know about D.C. sports in one place.

So today marks the official return of Redskins football. They will play the Bills at FedEx Field at 7 p.m., and like everyone else, I'm excited. But lest you think the Redskins come out with a bang, there are all sorts of reasons to believe they will be slow starters.

Consider everything that is new for them this season:

  • Head coach
  • Offensive system
  • Quarterback
  • (Potentially) Starting running back
  • Starting wide receiver (thanks Devin Thomas/Malcolm Kelly)
  • Three-fifths of an offensive line (assuming Jammal Brown gets healthy)
  • Defensive system
  • Pretty much everyone on special teams
That's a lot of newness. Typically, when you bring in that many new faces, it takes time to really come together. I would expect the same to happen to the Redskins.

Today's must-reads from around the SB Nation network:

  • Tomas Fleischmann is a player rumored to be on the move, but Japers Rink provides an argument for moving David Steckel instead.
  • With Brown struggling with injuries, should the Redskins look to make a move for a right tackle? Hogs Haven and Rick Snider from the Washington Examiner discuss.
  • Maryland's football roster has several true freshmen on it. Which of those players are most likely to make an impact? Testudo Times discusses.
On tap at SB Nation D.C.: Martin Shatzer writes, half seriously, that you should be excited about John Beck, while Chris Needham discusses ways the Nationals could do their "Ring of Honor" more effectively.