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Bryce Harper's College Teammate On Rumors He'll Return To School: 'Hell No'

The Nationals' deadline to sign first overall pick Bryce Harper is Monday, and there have been some rumors that Harper is strongly considering a return to the College of Southern Nevada instead of signing. Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post decided to look into these rumors by talking to college teammate Tyler Hanks, the Nationals' 17th-round draft pick.

Hanks' response? Don't worry about those threats.

Is there any chance, Hanks was asked this afternoon, that Harper goes back to school?

"Hell, no," Hanks said. "You don't take your GED and show everybody that you're ready to play this game, ready to move up, so you can go back to school."

To be clear, Hanks hasn't spoken to Harper since June 7, so he's merely offering his opinion. When asked about the fact that Harper still doesn't have a contract, Hanks had more encouraging words.

"He better be a damn National," Hanks said. "I don't think it's the money. His mom and dad have good money. For $10 million, you could live the rest of your life on that. I think he's waiting until the end of the deadline to rest, to take time off. I know that he's probably taking his hacks. I just think, honestly, he's just taking his time off. How can you get your GED and do all that and not sign? I honestly think he's just taking a rest."

Here's hoping he's right. I'm not sure I can take another Stephen Strasburg-like situation.