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Jaime Moreno Was Hoping To Play One More Season With D.C. United

Usually, when a legend like Jaime Moreno plays his last season with his longtime club, it's a mutual decision spurred by the player's need to fade into the sunset. However, in this case, Moreno actually wanted to play one more season until management said no. They felt they needed to go in a different direction, one without Moreno.

Moreno expressed disappointment at this decision today. Via Steven Goff of the Washington Post:

How did your conversations with the front office unfold?

"You should ask them. I don't want to get into a controversy. Basically, it was their decision. They knew I wanted to play another year, but this is a business. Unfortunately, the team didn't do good this year so I guess they are looking at better options than me. ... I feel like I didn't have the chance this year. I am definitely disappointed. It's definitely a sad moment to leave D.C. United. It's not the way I pictured it."

When club president Kevin Payne was asked abut Moreno's remarks, he told a slightly different tale.

Jaime says it was management's decision for him to leave after this season. Is that accurate?

"It's a collective decision that was unanimous. I don't know if he agrees, but management and team management all felt that this was the right thing to do."

Why was it the right thing to do?

"I don't want to get into that. It's time -- that's why."

It's unclear whether Payne meant it was a "collective decision that was unanimous" among management and Moreno, or just management. Either way, this is a tough decision. On the one hand, Moreno probably deserves better, but on the other hand, as Craig Stouffer notes, he really has been ineffective this season. I wish the resolution was cleaner, but as Moreno himself said, it is what it is.