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Half Smokes Highlights: The John Wall Dance Continues Its Spread

If you stuck around to see the second half of last night's Redskins-Bills game, then you probably remember Brandon Banks' punt return for a touchdown, along with a familiar touchdown dance. If you didn't, @Unsilent has you covered:

You can read more about Banks' dance, and his connection with John Wall at D.C. Sports Bog and at the Redskins Blog. But rest assured, the John Wall Dance did not meet its jump the shark moment at FedEx Field. Not if NBA 2K11's trailer is any indication (video after the jump).

If you skip ahead to the 1:20 mark you'll see the trailer features the Wizards' No. 1 pick doing his dance in a Wizards jersey:

Now has the dance jumped the shark? Probably. But I think everyone will still want to see it at least once at the Wizards' season opener.

(HT: To IGN for the video and to Krobify and callmecostanza for pointing out the video on Bullets Forever.)