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Brian Westbrook Still Undecided

The Brian Westbrook saga took a few more turns today as the running back has still not yet decided on his destination for the 2010 season.

Earlier today, John Clayton of ESPN reported that Westbrook would be signing with the St. Louis Rams. That didn't last long though. Kevin Demoff, the Rams' Vice President of Football Operations, specifically denied that they were close to a deal with Westbrook just hours later.

According to, Westbrook remains undecided.'s Steve Wyche reports that a source with knowledge of Westbrook's thinking said the eight-year veteran is still weighing his options, but the Rams are a possibility.

This latest twist doesn't mean that the Rams are out of the running. Indeed, they're probably still the favorites to land Westbrook. But the Redskins are still a very realistic possibility.