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Redskins Ink Long Snapper James Dearth

If you've been following the Redskins training camp reports from multiple media sources this month, then you've probably heard about the struggles of the team's long snapper Nick Sundberg. While Sundberg did fine in the Redskins' six extra point attempts last night, reports that his snaps were causing some missed field goals by kicker Graham Gano in camp were troubling.

The Redskins took a big step to address that issue today by signing James Dearth, a 34-year old long snap who has handled those duties for the New York Jets for the past nine seasons. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Dearth was released by the Jets this year because the team had elected to go younger and cheaper at the position.

This move also ends speculation that Ethan Albright would be reacquired by the team. Albright occupied the long snapper position with Washington since 2001.