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JaVale McGee Cut From U.S. Basketball Team

JaVale McGee broke the news on his Twitter page that he will not be joining the U.S. Men's National Team when they travel to Turkey to play in the World Championships.

The Bad new is..... I got cut from the USA team :(... But i get to go back and work out again and get better for the wizards

The decision shouldn't come as much of a surprise, given that the team had to cut its roster down from 15 to 12 before the World Championship. The writing was on the wall when received limited playing time in Saturday's match against China.

The good news is that McGee appears to be keeping his time with the team in perspective and doesn't appear to be resting on his laurels. There are still plenty of areas where McGee has room to grow, as encapsulated quite well in this play from Team U.S.A.'s scrimmage on Thursday.