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Patty Cake Protest At Nationals Park

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Upset about Arizona's anti-immigration legislation SB1070? Think that Bud Selig should move the 2011 MLB All-Star Game out of Phoenix to show support for legal immigrants and all the Mexican American ball players in the league?

Well we've got an idea for you: Play patty cake on the field at Nationals Park!

According to, four protesters hopped onto the field in the fifth inning to protest SB1070.

The protesters may be on to something here. If anything is going to convince Selig to move the game, it's running onto the field in the middle of a game. As soon as the protesters finished baking a cake as fast as they can, they were escorted off the field by security.

Video after the jump.

Thanks to SB Nation's Georgetown blog Casual Hoya, we now have video of the protest, which included a security guard taking a bit of a spill.