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Report: Nationals Sign Two Draft Picks To Record Deals, Still No Word On Bryce Harper

Jim Callis of Baseball America reported early this morning that the Nationals agreed to terms Sammy Solis and A.J. Cole on rookie contracts worth well above Major League Baseball's recommendations for players in their draft position. Just how high above the recommendation did the Nationals reportedly go? Callis has the details:

Cole broke the fourth-round bonus record of $1.5 million set by Athletics catcher Max Stassi a year ago. Cole and Solis received the first two seven-figure bonuses given to 2010 draftees after the supplemental first round. MLB's recommendations for their draft slots were $694,800 for Solis (No. 51 overall) and $258,300 for Cole (No. 116).

Bill Ladson also reported the Nationals had come to an agreement with Cole, but then later reported that a last-minute problem might keep Cole from signing with the team.

As of yet, there is still no word on the Nationals reaching an agreement with Bryce Harper, the top overall pick. Teams have until midnight on Monday night to sign draft picks to contracts.