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Jim Bowden Tries To Set The Record Straight About Scott Boras, Fails

As noted earlier today, Thomas Boswell had an interesting line about former Nationals GM Jim Bowden in his column today. Basically, Boswell suggested that Scott Boras "despises" Bowden and actually worked to push current GM Mike Rizzo through to get Bowden out of the way. 

Bowden, of course, wasn't thrilled with this assessment, and he took to the airwaves of his own radio show to set the record straight and generally rant about the poor treatment he's received in this area. Except ... I'm not sure he actually set the record straight, and he certainly won't win back any friends here.

Dan Steinberg has a transcript of Bowden's remarks today here, but basically, Bowden's "proof" is that Boras has appeared on his radio show before, worked out a deal with him involving Danny Espinosa a while back and talked to him when they saw each other at Dodgers Stadium last year. Oh, and Bowden supposedly emailed to say he wanted to come on to set the record straight, except he turned out to be too busy. 

Bowden probably feels like he did enough, but I'm not sure he did, to be honest. Boras has no incentive to keep hating Bowden now that Bowden is a key media figure rather than a baseball GM. Boras needs Bowden to help get his message out, so to burn that bridge publicly would be counterproductive. Instead, there's a very legitimate possibility that Boras has suppressed his feelings for Bowden to help his current clients.

But let's assume for a second that Bowden is right about Boras' feelings towards him. That definitely doesn't excuse the rest of the rant. Via Steinberg:

You know, I've been gone for two years now, and I think they should try to focus really on what's going on there and not sit there and turn around and try to throw another knife into my character. I'm sick of it, when it's not true. For people to be able to make false allegations whenever they want, and to make up situations when you don't even have a quote, I just think it's unfair."    

Except ... here's what Bowden himself put out there before his radio rant on his Twitter account.

Bryce Harper - Nationals making progress in negotiations....should get done around 10m package by midnight est....Harper def signing    

So, hey, Jim, where's your on-the-record quote? I'm still waiting...