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Redskins Training Camp: Frustrated Mike Shanahan Stops Practice To Deliver Stern Talk

After a series of great practices at training camp, I guess the Redskins were due for a poor one at some point. That point occurred today. 

The team reportedly was mixing it up with different snap counts, and several false start penalties resulted. Finally, Mike Shanahan had seen enough. The coach reportedly stopped practice and gathered the team around for a tongue-lashing of sorts. 

Via Jason Reid of the Washington Post:

Frustrated with the Redskins' performance, Coach Mike Shanahan stopped practice to express his feelings to the team Tuesday at Redskins Park.

Coaches and players encircled Shanahan as he delivered his message about remaining focused during the final days of training camp, which ends Thursday. Although Shanahan declined to reveal specifics of what he said, he made things clear to the group.

The players understood the need for Shanahan's sterm words, and practice looked much crisper after the incident. For now, it looks like the Redskins' practice struggles are an anomoly.