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This Is Awkward, Ryan Zimmerman Ejected In The Eighth Inning

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Talk about bad timing. We just layed out the case for Ryan Zimmerman to be considered a franchise player, and then he goes and does something like this.

In the eighth inning of Wednesdy's night game against the braves, the franchise was at the plate, and even had earned a hitter's count of 3-1; but that's when things started to go horribly wrong.

First, a breaking ball that actually caught the plate according to MASN's pitch tracker. Ryan did not agree. As the ball passed the plate, Zim started up towards first thinking he had earned himself a walk, only to be recalled by big blue, and sent back to the batter's box. He foul tipped the next pitch into the catcher's mitt for strike three.

Zim threw his bat to the ground in disgust, tossed his helmet back towards his dugout, and turned his back to the umpire before saying a few choice words that I am not legally allowed to type on this website.The home plate umpire, offended either by his language, or his inability to make eye contact while he was speaking to him, tossed Zimmerman before he could finish turning around. Jim Riggleman raced out of the dugout shortly thereafter and was also tossed.

This comes one night after Ivan Rodriguez was tossed by the third base umpire after he had already returned to the dugout. A questionable call to say the least. Maybe tomorrow they'll have three guys tossed!