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Morning Commute: The Nationals' Homer Announcers

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For some reason, the usual homer crusade of Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble bothered me more than usual last night. Maybe it was the way they responded when Ryan Zimmerman got ejected. I understand Zimmerman's argument that he was flipping out more at himself than the umpire, and I think it was too quick trigger on the umpire's part to throw him out. But I also understand the umpire's position here. In the heat of the moment, it can be tough to assume a player like Zimmerman, who is normally reserved, is flipping out at himself instead of you when he throws his bat and helmet to the ground like that.

Of course, that's not how Carpenter and Dibble saw it. Here's video, but in case you don't want to deal with MLB's archaic video policies, here's a transcript. 

Carpenter: And Ryan Zimmerman has been ejected! (Long pause). Why? He's mad at himself. He did nothing to the umpire! That was not a called third strike. How can you throw a guy out for showing emotion on the field? ... Boy, do these guys have quick triggers or what?

[commercial break]

Dibble: "Didn't say a word, and he gets tossed out of the game. Probably one of the good guys, the nicest guys you'll find in the league. So in two nights, the umpires have tossed a future Hall of Fame catcher that's got the most games in the Major Leagues, from the dugout. Jim Riggleman's about to get tossed right now because he's got to have Zimmerman's and Rodriguez's back. But just two terrible ejections in back-to-back nights by this umpiring crew. 

They're right: it was a questionable call. But please, stop with the moralizing Bob Carpenter. Stop wondering how the umpires would dare toss Ivan Rodriguez by discussing his credentials, Rob Dibble. I know this is what you do, but it's annoying. 

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