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Redskins Rookies Reenact Albert Haynesworth's Conditioning Test

Traditionally, it's the veterans that haze the rookies on NFL teams. Hell, traditionally, that's how it is on every team.

But apparently, anytime Albert Haynesworth is involved, the script is flipped. As everyone should know, Haynesworth struggled to pass a simple conditioning test, failing a couple times and then begging out of it for several days because of a sore knee. When we look back at Redskins training camp, we'll remember that as the key storyline. 

The players will remember too. That's why three Redskins rookies -- Trent Williams, Selvish Capers and Erik Cook -- decided to reenact the whole thing in front of Haynesworth and the rest of the team in a skit for the ages.

Dan Steinberg has all the details here, telling the story brilliantly through many different members of the Redskins. Basically, Capers played Haynesworth, Williams played Strength and Conditioning Coach Ray Wright and Cook played Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Chad Englehart. The skit picks up after Capers finished the first shuttle run. He asks to go to the restroom, and stays there for 10 minutes. When he comes back, he's limping, claiming he has a knee injury. Capers got the whole walk down and everything, which made it funny.

Everyone claimed that Haynesworth himself found the whole thing funny. Mike Shanahan, for example, said that nobody was laughing harder than Albert himself. Of course, nobody asked Haynesworth himself whether he found it funny, but hey, nobody has incentive to lie, right? Right?

As for the rookies themselves being hazed - it didn't happen. Somewhere, Dez Bryant is very jealous.