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Redskins Training Camp: Albert Haynesworth Could Eventually Return To Practice Regardless Of Test Results

Could Mike Shanahan's stance towards Albert Haynesworth be softening? Following the team's practice this morning, Shanahan once again spoke on the status of the beleaguered defensive tackle and the possibility of Haynesworth taking the field for the Redskins. Jason Reid has the story:

Albert Haynesworth eventually may be permitted to practice with the Redskins even if he does not pass his conditioning test, Coach Mike Shanahan said Monday after the morning practice session at Redskins Park.

However, Shanahan reiterated that Haynesworth was not out practicing with the team because of his lack of conditioning:

"That's one of the reasons he's not out there practicing with the team," Shanahan said. "You've got to be in certain shape to go through a practice. And that knee after three sprints, or back and forth, couldn't go any further. Hopefully, with treatment, it gets better and he gets in football shape and is out there ready to play with his teammates.

So it appears that Haynesworth punishment is not yet quite over, according to Shanahan. Eventually, Haynesworth might be able to practice, but he has to get in shape first.