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AWK-WARD: Greg Paulus Comes To D.C. Area As Navy Assistant Coach

If one were to make a list of the top five most despised Duke basketball players in the D.C. area, Greg Paulus would certainly be there, along with J.J. Redick, Jon Scheyer, Christian Laettner and my personal least favorite, Steve Wojciechowski. (We'll conveniently ignore the fact that Wojo played his high school ball in the area). So you can imagine things being a bit awkward if one of those players came back and either player or coached in the DMV.


Well, get ready for some awkwardness then. According to FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman, Paulus is coming to be an assistant coach at Navy next year. He'll work under coach Billy Lange, where he'll teach Navy players how to flop and how to ward off defenders by extending your off arm way too far while dribbling. That's my guess, at least. 


The funniest part is that Paulus thanked FOX Sports of all places for giving him a chance to intern there. This means we can now direct our ire at FOX Sports for helping to bring such a hated player into our area. Nice job, guys.