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Half Smokes Hypothetical: Which Controversy Would You Prefer?

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Half Smokes Hypothetical is a daily discussion where we throw out a D.C. sports-related question based on the news of the day. It's a hypothetical discussion, which is what makes it fun (we hope).


As Scott Jackson noted this morning, one of the nice things about Redskins training camp this year is that, for the first time in over a decade, there is no quarterback controversy. Donovan McNabb is firmly entrenched as the starter, with a vote of confidence from the coaching staff and the front office.


Of course, there is a different controversy altogether dominating the headlines at Redskins Park this year: Albert Haynesworth. Since it's a given that no Redskins training camp is without controversy, we ask you this question today.


Which controversy do you think is easier for the team to deal with? The Albert Haynesworth saga, or a lack of stability at quarterback?