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Morning Commute: Mike Shanahan The Workaholic

For some reason, this post on Hogs Haven really hit at me this morning. Okay, there's a good reason it did -- it was insightful, well-written and unique -- but it also discusses something that really should be taken for granted on this level.

The premise? We should be thankful that Mike Shanahan works really damn hard at his job. 

Well, I'd hope so. If he doesn't work hard, then why is he an NFL coach? But at the same time, considering this team's history, it's not something to brush away. The key contrast is Steve Spurrier, who famously ripped on current defensive coordinator Jim Haslett for working too hard (speaking of appreciating hard workers...), but couldn't you say the same thing about Jim Zorn? Okay, Zorn probably worked hard, but clearly, he was overwhelmed and didn't quite grasp how to work hard. Just look at how Redskins players have praised Shanahan's training camp. Zorn may have spent similar hours preparing, but clearly, he didn't work quite as smartly considering the product that came out. 

Again, for most teams, having a coach who works hard (in an NFL sense) is a formality, not a blessing. But this is the Redskins. For us fans, having a hard-working coach is worth something.

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