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Half Smokes Highlights: Mike Shanahan Avoids Injuries, Steve Spurrier Avoided Hitting

Training camp are wrapping up all across the NFL, and though Lombardi Trophies aren't handed out at the end of a good camp, but teams can take big steps toward that final prize at camp.

As David Elfin points out, the Redskins took a step in the right direction, just by staying healthy:

NFC East injury report: Giants had 13 starters hurt during camp, Eagles 8, Cowboys 3 (all major) w/9 days left, Redskins 2. Kudos to Shanny.

The best part is that Shanahan was able to avoid injury while still getting his players used to the hits that come during an NFL season. Walking that fine line gives him another leg up over Steve Spurrier, who preferred his players didn't get too physical during practice, as he made clear after Matt Bowen lowered the boom on Trung Canidate:


You can read Spurrier's comments in full after the jump.

Sometimes, about the fourth or fifth practice it seems, one guy hits another guy a little too hard and they sort of retaliate. We had a hit today that we don't like. We're out here to try to protect each other, so hopefully that's an end to it.

Sometimes those things happen, but you've got to put an end to it quickly. As coaches, I think we did. We've got to learn to practice together, if we don't learn to practice together we're going to be in trouble.

UPDATE: Bowen tweeted us that Spurrier "was not happy" with him after that hit and said "You keep doing that and you will not have any friends on this team." The good news is you've got a lot more friends in D.C. than Spurrier does, so take solace in that, Matt.

Who ended up being correct at the end of the day? I think you all know, but here's a quick reminder:

Steve Spurrier: NFL coaching record = 12-20

Trung Canidate: Four year NFL career, 1065 career rushing yards.

Matt Bowen: Seven year NFL career, four career interceptions, writes for National Football PostProbably knows how to diagram the Redskins offense better than Spurrier or Canidate.