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NFL Preseason: Ravens Dominate the Redskins 23-3

The Ravens held a clear advantage tonight against the Redskins after a strong opening drive from Washington’s first-string offense.

After Donovan McNabb completed a 45-yard pass to Anthony Armstrong in the first quarter, the Redskins struggled to find any success against Baltimore’s ferocious pass rush.

There were several injuries that involved Mike Sellars (knee), LaRon Landry, Chris Wilson, Trent Williams (elbow) and Kareem Moore (knee).

Update: Landry was talking to reporters in the locker room afterward and seemed fine. Donovan McNabb's ankle was wrapped. Sellars' knee was heavily taped and he had a noticeable limp. Williams' forearm struck a helmet in the game, but he said he'll be fine.

McNabb told reporters he wants to practice this week. "I definitely feel as if I will be out there for the next practice," he said. "We will definitely see how it recovers."

More to come.