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Haynesworth Unleashes On Coaching Staff

Albert Haynesworth sounded off against Mike Shanahan and the Redskins coaching staff after tonight’s 23-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Via Ryan O’Halloran’s Twitter feed:

92: “I was told I had ‘headaches’ or whatever and that’s why I couldn’t go out and practice. I think it was a little bit more than that.”

Asked if he was being punished for skipping off-season, 92 said: “Next year, I’m not coming either. I’ll be with my trainer again and come back in the same shape I’m in and feel good about myself.”

Lastly, Albert said: “I’m a ninth year pro. I don’t think I should have been out there in the third quarter.”

Some pretty strong words from the NFL’s chief malcontent. Looking like Haynesworth may have punched his ticket out of town, which is what he’s wanted all along.

A full transcript of the interview via the Examiner's John Keim can be found here.