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Report: Strasburg Has Experienced This Injury Before, According To Nats GM

Bill Ladson had some good news to report on the Stephen Strasburg front this afternoon as everyone anticipates the results of the rookie pitcher's MRI.

First, Strasburg played catch this morning before getting an MRI. The other good news is that Nationals GM Mike Rizzo says that Stephen Strasburg has experience similar pain before and pitched through it, while at San Diego State:

Strasburg left Saturday's 8-1 victory over the Phillies with a strained flexor tendon in his right forearm, an injury that he had while attending San Diego State University. According to Rizzo, Strasburg pitched through it and stayed in the game while in college.

"He has done it before and pitched through it," Rizzo said.

If it is the same injury he suffered while in college, it would explain why he tried to ask Jim Riggleman to stay in the game Saturday night after it became clear he was in pain after throwing a pitch in the fifth inning.

According to Ladson, Riggleman believes Strasburg will not make his next scheduled start but Rizzo said it was too soon to say whether or not Strasburg will miss his next start or not.