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Channel Surfing Guide: August 23, 2010

Tonight's recommended options (all times EDT):

7:00, MASN - Cubs vs. Nationals. The Nationals receive the honor of being the first team to face the Cubs in the post-Lou Pinella era. No word on whether or not Jim Riggleman plans on honoring Pinella by getting ejected tonight.

8:00, ESPN - Little League Baseball. Watch baseball in its purest form and be glad that children no longer look to Barry Bonds as a role model.

8:00, ESPN - Cardinals vs. Titans. Tonight could be your last chance to see Max Hall and Rusty Smith play in the NFL.

I think this is about ping pong, but I'm not sure
10:00, Sundance - The King of Ping Pong.

Show that isn't about Drew Storen
8:00, TNT - "The Closer"

Show that isn't about football
10:00, DIY - "Turf Wars"

Show that isn't about fantasy football
9:00, MTV - "Rob Drydek's Fantasy Factory"