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Morning Commute: A Bigger Loss Than Albert Haynesworth

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Amid all the Albert Haynesworth drama yesterday, there was another Redskins story that deserves our attention. In news that shocked pretty much anyone who has ever covered the team, the Redskins abruptly fired Zack Bolno, the team's executive director of communications. It's not clear what caused Bolno's firing, and I'm not going to speculate, but it was a move that took so many local and national media members by surprise

(Full disclosure: I had gotten to know Zack a little bit over the years, both through the Redskins and when he was working with the Wizards, and I have to echo all the sentiment that he was a class act that didn't deserve to lose his job). 

I realize many of you may not care about this news, since it doesn't directly affect the product on the field. But it got me thinking about just how much time and attention we're paying to Albert Haynesworth compared to everything else going on with the team. For two years, Bolno was stuck having to explain the actions of a dysfunctional organization to the media. From all accounts, he worked tirelessly at his craft, and clearly, he was well-respected. A month and a half ago, he got married, experiencing what was surely the happiest moment of his life. Now, he is out of a job. From a distance, the whole thing seems unfair.

Meanwhile, Albert Haynesworth continues to grumble about really silly things after receiving a $21 million roster bonus. In light of what happened to Bolno yesterday, Haynesworth's complaints only seem even more petty.

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