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Redskins Misplay Fight Song; Diehards Not Amused

Washington sports teams are often criticized for their lack of tradition. Fans of other teams often consider the DMV region to be full of transient or bandwagon fans who only support local teams during successful periods. The one team that escapes this claim is the Redskins, a team steeped in tradition and lore. Of all, the many traditions, perhaps the most loved is the "Hail To The Redskins" fight song, played following a Redskins touchdown.

However, Saturday saw a slight flop of the script, as "Hail To the Redskins" was played following a Baltimore Ravens touchdown. Dan Steinberg has more:

Well, here's the short answer: it was a mistake.

"Only explanation for that one is 'oops,' " a team official later explained. "Our guy made a mistake, pure and simple, and once he started playing the HTTR video, it would have been even more awkward to pull it mid-song."

I'm not sure I agree with that, because if you are going to admit the mistake after the fact, why compound it by letting the song play through following a dispiriting touchdown by a local rival?

Steinberg goes on to relay that there is "no official policy" in regards to playing the song. However, if Dan Snyder is true towards his intentions of turning over a new leaf, he will make it official policy by the end of the day. We have very few traditions in the DMV, at least one of them should be preserved.