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Albert Haynesworth's Teammates Respond To His Latest Outburst

The Albert Haynesworth saga continues to wear on Haynesworth's teammates. Many of them were asked about Haynesworth's latest tirade prior to practice today, and their frustration was clear. 

Backup defensive end Phillip Daniels led the way. Via Mike Jones of TBD:

Daniels on Haynesworth: 'I guess he was frustrated w when he played, but i played fourth quarter too. Just play football.'less than a minute ago via txt


Daniels was reportedly "surprised" at Haynesworth's outburst because he felt Haynesworth had done a lot of good things leading up to the Baltimore game. 

Lorenzo Alexander was also frustrated when he was asked about the subject. Via Redskins Insider.

Players definitely tired of talking about Haynesworth. Lorenzo Alexander: "We talked about it all offseason & we continue to talk about it"less than a minute ago via web

Alexander: "At some point, you got to stop going back and forth with it....Just a bad judgment call on his part, as far as forcing it out...less than a minute ago via web

Alexander: "You can't go back and forth in the media... It's only going to cause distractions and this is all we're going to focus on..."less than a minute ago via web

Alexander: "...We're not going to focus on the game and what happened in the game, what's going on with the Jets."less than a minute ago via web


Clearly, the team wants to move forward. Naturally, it was linebacker London Fletcher, the most respected member on the team, who took some steps towards doing that. He reportedly had a "long chat" with Haynesworth this morning, and afterwards, he proclaimed that the team is "moving forward." It remains to be seen whether the talk got to Haynesworth, but he did practice today, for what it's worth.