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Rob Dibble Wants Stephen Strasburg To Man Up

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Rob Dibble is the color commentator for MASN, the Nationals' broadcast affiliate, which means the Nationals logo is probably somewhere on his paycheck. He has the oft criticized habit of referring to the team as "we" and "us." As a result, you might think he would be staunchly in favor of whatever course of action the Nationals choose to take; particularly with Stephen Strasburg, their most famous and important asset. But unfortunately, you'd be thinking wrong.

Here's what Dibble had to say about Strasburg, on our old friend Jim Bowden's radio show, transcribed by Dan Steinberg.

Rob Dibble to Strasburg on Sirius XM: "Suck it up, kid....Stop crying, go out there and pitch. Period ... As soon as you feel any arm pain, call us and we’ll come help you. Please. This is the major leagues ... My arm would throb. I couldn’t even hold a glass of water. And you know what, Jim? I loved it."

Ugh ...

This isn't a whole lot different than what Senator Jim Bunning had to say about Strasburg when he first went onto the DL, but it is very surprising coming from Dibble.

As somebody who watches every Nats game, and sees the affect his presence has on the organization, most notably ticket sales, one would hope that Dibble could see the benefit of a healthy Strasburg. He should also understand that six or so more starts in the month of August in a lost season are by no means crucial.

But no, Dibble has to remind everyone how tough, and apparently masochistic, he is and was. Athletes usually put up with nagging injuries, Rob Dibble lives for them.

He's got to know better than to disparage the most important decision the Nationals will make this season.