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Jordan Zimmermann The Favorite To Start For Nationals On Thursday

After being out of baseball since Tommy John surgery ended his 2009 rookie season, Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann looks like he will be coming back to the majors this week. According to sources for Jeff Seidel at, Zimmermann is going to be called up to start for the Washington Nationals in Thursday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals in place of injured starter Stephen Strasburg.'s Bill Ladson also reported via twitter that Zimmermann will be pitching on Thursday as well.

According to Seidel, however, manager Jim Riggleman was a little more coy in his statements,

"Jordan is going to be pitching for us here in the very near future and again, that's a decision that is ongoing here," said Nationals manager Jim Riggleman. "As we make a move on the disabled list, we'll bring somebody up, and then we'll need a starter on Strasburg's day, so that could be Zimmermann."

Zimmermann's next scheduled start is currently on a Thursday anyway as he last pitched on the 20th making this move even more logical. According to Bill Lasdon, the team will probably make it official on Thursday when they officially move Strasburg to the DL however they could announce the start as soon as Tuesday.